Month: January 2019

Interest Personal Loan – current Interest Rates

How much interest do you pay for a Personal loan at Bank? The interest on a Personal loan depends on the amount of the loan. The interest on a Personal Loan is always fixed, it does not change during the term. Take a look at our low interest rates below or calculate the interest on […]

What is a Personal Loan? Pros and Cons

What is a Personal Loan? A personal loan is a loan in which the loan amount, the interest rate and the term are known in advance. You will receive the amount in your bank account in one go and you will pay a fixed monthly amount. You can read more about how a Personal Loan […]

Request a personal loan at a low interest rate

1 How much do you want to borrow? 2 What do you want to borrow for? make a choice Purchase or conversion house Car / motor / boat / caravan Computer / electronics / white goods Furnishing house / garden Acquisition or redemption of other loan (s) Otherwise, namely: 721 This functionality is temporarily unavailable. […]

Closing of the current account on which there is an overdraft of loan and a RID for the payment of mortgage payments

I would like to ask if, in your opinion, it is possible to close a current account in which there is a use of the loan line of 2 thousand and 500 euros and a loan card. In the case I would like to ask if it is possible to pay in installments of the […]