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2 What do you want to borrow for?

make a choice Purchase or conversion house Car / motor / boat / caravan Computer / electronics / white goods Furnishing house / garden Acquisition or redemption of other loan (s) Otherwise, namely: 721

3 Would you like to be able to withdraw money temporarily within your credit limit?

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4 Compare a Personal loan with a revolving credit

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Personal loan

The maximum loan amount for a Personal loan is . With a Personal Loan you can withdraw and repay amounts up to the credit limit.

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Monthly amount:  
Fixed debit interest rate:  
Annual percentage rate:  
Total to pay by you:  

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For question 3 you indicate that you do not need flexibility. A Personal loan will then better suit your preference.

With a Personal loan you lend a fixed amount once. The interest, repayment and maturity are fixed in advance.

Monthly amount:  
Theoretical duration:  
Variable debit interest rate:  
Annual percentage rate:  
Total to pay by you:  

Quotation Continuous credit Revolving credit Quotation is without obligation. Tip from

Which loan suits me?

“A personal loan or a revolving credit, you are not yet aware of it, first look at the differences and what best suits your personal needs and financial situation. You are therefore aware of the costs of a loan and how you can continue to pay the loan over time.

Tip from Leendert

Personal loan

A Personal loan is a good choice if you know in advance what your purchase will cost. The loan amount, the interest and the term are fixed. So you know exactly when you have repaid the loan.

Revolving credit

A revolving credit is suitable for expenses for which you do not know the exact costs in advance. The interest and term are variable. Repaid amounts can be withdrawn again.

The differences in a row

  Personal loan Revolving credit
Fixed interest    
Fixed term    
Fixed monthly amount    
Pay off without a penalty    
Withdraw money    
  All characteristics Personal Loan All features Continuous Credit

10 reasons to borrow money from Bank

You do not borrow money every day. That’s why you want to know exactly where you stand before you take out a loan. Bank is honest and clear about borrowing money. No snags, no hidden costs, but clear conditions. Moreover, you can always pay off without penalty at Bank, as often and as much as you want. Want to know more about Bank?

Calculate and conclude a loan at Bank: these are the steps

Handy calculation tool: Calculating a loan and signing up with Bank goes completely online. You fill in the calculation tool and choose the desired loan period for a Personal loan or for a Continuous loan the desired monthly amount (percentage of the credit limit). The costs of the two types of loans are shown immediately. The calculation shows the costs per month, the interest, the (theoretical) duration and the total costs of the loan. Have you calculated the desired loan? Then request a free quote for a Personal loan or Continuous loan from Bank.

Online application: In order to be able to make an appropriate offer, we do ask for some information such as personal and financial data. Within 10 minutes after you have sent your application, you will receive an e-mail informing us whether the requested loan in your situation is sensible. You will immediately receive a free quote if you are eligible for the requested loan.

Sending documents digitally: Does the quote appeal to you? Then you can upload the signed offer including the requested documents, such as a recent salary slip and a copy of your identity card, in your own secure environment. Our team of experienced credit acceptors will then immediately start working for you to assess the application with the data you have uploaded. If the loan is approved, you will receive the desired loan amount in your bank account within 1-2 business days.

Read more about borrowing money here at Bank

Borrow now and in the future

Borrowing money costs money, so you do not just choose a loan. It is a financial responsibility and obligation for the long term. Choose a loan that suits your needs, personal and financial situation, now and in the future.

Questions you ask yourself before you take out a loan;

  • What are the total costs of the loan?
  • What do I pay for the loan per month?
  • And can I pay this now and in the future?

Your situation can look very different in 3 years from now. A birth of a child, working part-time or retiring are life events that affect your personal and financial situation. Do not only look at what the loan costs you at the moment, but also take the future into account. You will still have to meet the same financial obligations in three years’ time as you do now.