Exchange personal loan? Find out how much you can save

Do you want to transfer your existing Personal Loan? With the transfer of one or more loans you can effortlessly save hundreds of euros per year. In addition, you pay one clear amount per month instead of several small amounts. Excluding too much effort or too complex? Do not worry, Bank will arrange the entire transfer for you. Free and for nothing. All you have to do is calculate how much you can save and request a free quote.

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Why transfer a Personal loan?

Sometimes it turns out afterwards that the loans you have previously chosen are not in your financial advantage. For example, because of the high interest you pay on your loan on a monthly basis. Currently the interest rates are historically low. You can also benefit from that. By moving your loan (s) to a lower interest rate you can save considerably on the total costs of the loan (s). You also pay one clear amount per month and you have insight into your finances at a glance.

Transfer benefits of loans

  • You save money, because one Personal loan is often cheaper than several small loans.
  • It offers clarity because you pay one amount per month.
  • With My Bank you will always have insight into your finances at a glance.
  • Bank arranges the transfer for you with our free transfer service.

Which loan (s) to transfer to a Personal loan?

  • Revolving credit
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card debt
  • Mail order credit
  • Redstand at your bank

What to look for when transferring a Personal loan

There are a number of things to look out for when you have a Personal Loan and you want to switch your loans to one advantageous loan. We have listed the most important points for the transfer of a Personal Loan for you:

1. Interest

Small loans often have a higher interest rate than larger loans. Do you have loans with a high interest rate? Then it may be interesting to transfer this loan (s) to one advantageous loan. The interest is in fact an important factor in saving on the total costs and / or monthly costs of the loan. If the interest rate is lower and the remaining term remains the same or becomes shorter, it may be beneficial to switch off your loan (s).

2. Costs

If you want to transfer a Personal Loan, it is important to note that you are not allowed to pay off with each lender without penalty. That is why it is important to check in advance in the conditions whether there are costs associated with the transfer of a Personal Loan. Is this the case? View and calculate well if it is advantageous for you.

3. Duration

In addition to benefiting from lower interest rates when switching loans, you can also benefit by shortening the term. A shorter duration leads to lower total costs of the loan. You pay a shorter period of interest. This means that you resolve more quickly, so that the amount on which you pay interest also decreases more quickly. A longer term results in a lower monthly amount, but this is more expensive because you pay a longer period of interest. A loan with a short term is ultimately cheaper.