To close through loan? Find out how much you can save

Do you want to close your overdraft? At Bank you can transfer your revolving loan (s). You often pay too much if you have a loan with several parties. So even if you are red with the bank or buy on loan from mail order companies. Transfer your various loans to one advantageous Continuous loan with Bank. Due to lower interest rates you can easily save hundreds of euros per year and you pay one clear amount per month instead of several small amounts. Do you find too much trouble and hassle? You can effortlessly switch to Bank because we arrange the transfer for you, free of charge and for nothing. Calculate how much you can save!

Why transfer a Continuous loan?

  • You save money because one revolving loan costs less than different loans.
  • You pay one amount per month. Well organized and you know exactly how much you pay and redeemed.
  • Always insight into your finances in My Bank at a glance
  • Bank arranges the transfer for you, free of charge and for nothing.

Which loan (s) will be transferred to a revolving loan?

  • Revolving loan
  • Personal loan
  • loan card debt
  • Mail order loan
  • Redstand at your bank

How does it work at Bank?

With the free transfer service from Bank we arrange everything for you. You only need to request a quotation through Bank. You indicate online that your loans are for taking over / paying off other loan (s) with the question “what do you want to borrow?”. As soon as the transfer of your revolving loan (s) in your situation is justified and in your favor, you will receive a free quote within 10 minutes. Do you agree with the quotation? Then you can upload the signed quotation, recent overview of outstanding current loan (s) and additional data in a secure online environment. We will review your application once again. If agreed, we will pay the outstanding balance for you to the (various) lender (s). If you have added an extra amount to lend, we will also transfer this amount to you.